Why Tennis?

ThrowingYes YesYes 
CatchingYes YesYes 
StrikingYesYes  Yes
Running & StrikingYesYes   
Movement RhythmYes  YesYes
3 Step Movement PatternsYesYesYesYes 
AnaerobicYes YesYes 
Team BuildingYesYesYesYes 
Played for a lifetimeYes   Yes


This excerpt from a recent USPTA study confirms what many tennis coaches have known for years, that tennis is the best sport to play for a lifetime, however, it also reveals that it is the best first sport for children.


Each of these skills brings a different advantage to the children and for one sport to combine all 10 allows for the complex development of multi skills to be done in a consistent, single sport environment, something nothing else can achieve.


We understand that a multi sport approach is appealing, and the development of these skills at a young age will lead to a higher success and enjoyment rate when other sports are taken up due to the crossover in each skill you see above.